Krakowska szkoła szycia

Our philosophy

We are increasingly aware of the impact of human activities on the environment. Eco-fashion is not just about designers and clothing manufacturers, as it has become part of a more general design philosophy with social responsibility behind it. Therefore, positive actions of individuals have a deep meaning and can bring real results after a while! It is important to be aware of your own body, its needs, and not only those related to aesthetics, but also physical and mental comfort. Before you throw away old clothes or other long-used items and buy new ones – think about whether you really need it? We want to bring together enthusiasts of machine and hand sewing and expand knowledge related to tailoring. Remember – sewing on a machine can be a form of ecological action!


What makes us diffrent

We have well-prepared facilities offering full equipment, i.e. sewing accessories, haberdashery accessories and fabrics. During the courses we work on professional and the latest sewing and embroidery machines. We provide professional technical and technological advice. Our classes are conducted in small groups by exceptional lecturers with many years of professional experience in the field of education, sewing, construction, modeling and clothing design.

Szycie guzików

Our program

Learning the basics of tailoring, cutting and modeling specific assortments of clothing of various levels of advancement – this is what our program is all about, which is based on improving and expanding our knowledge in the field of sewing. We also run thematic sewing courses, e.g. original pillows decorated with machine embroidery or hand-finished or dolls not only for the youngest. We organize sewing courses for children and adults.

Maszyny do szycia

Professional machine park

We work and learn on the machines of the world’s best brands. Husqvarna-Pfaff is a leader among manufacturers of sewing equipment, whose products are characterized by high quality and reliability. We sew on one of the highest models Pfaff Ambition 630. We also have a Coverlock Pfaff model 3.0 with a two-needle chain and a Husqvarna Brilliance 80 embroidery machine. We will also be happy to present other models, because at any time you can buy from us a selected type of sewing machine, Overlock or embroidery machine at a great price and with a long 5-year “door to door” warranty. In addition, we are always here to help you and give you good advice!